Enjoyin’ the ride

Do you ever think about how it would be to go back in time and show your past-self how awesome things will be?

Just an average night, making dinner, and I thought of College Erin. I wondered what College Erin, Erin of 10 years ago, would think if she would have had the chance to look through Present Erin’s eyes.

I look around at this house — that I absolutely love — with Anthony — who is obviously the love of my life — and oh wait — Gizmo’s here, too? Sweet!

College Erin would be more than pleased with where we’ve ended up. Dancing in the living room to silly hippie music with a crazy dog jumping happily around us.

It looks like we both have jobs where we are relatively happy and fulfilled, and apparently we’ve come a long way from the boxed dinners and stolen dorm flatware from our BSU days. I guess we’re doing alright for ourselves.

There are travel books on the table, for our upcoming epic adventure Down Under, and photos on the wall with those epic trips of our past. Alongside the travel photos are those of life events of our loved ones like marriages and babies being born, family members being added, and laughs and memories shared among friends new and old.

College Erin has so much to look forward to.

It’s funny, because I normally look back at College Erin and think of that time of my life as The Peak. The most fun. The best it ever would be.

But sometimes, when I really examine all that I have to be thankful for, I realize that there’s no reason to look back. With any luck, Future Erin will be just as excited to show 30-Year-Old Erin how awesome things are to come.

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