Thoughts on 30

“Age ain’t nothin’ but a number” and “It’s better than the alternative.” Two excellent sentiments said profoundly by Aaliyah and my Grandmother, respectively. Two wise women, who have been my inspiration for taking on the milestone birthday that is the 3-0, which I ran headlong into about a month ago.

Anthony turned 30 last year, and while everyone asked him if he was “depressed” or felt differently, he laughed it off in the carefree way that makes him so great. He truly wasn’t fazed by leaving his 20’s, and I can’t say I was surprised.

I think people were a little more worried about me, and I noticed people broached the subject notably more carefully as we entered my birthday month. As a woman, I think there’s a heavier emphasis on the “glory days” of living life as a 20-something. And I’ll be honest — my 20’s were definitely a pretty prime decade. I whooped it up in college, I lived in 4 different states and some of my dream locales, lived on my own for awhile, got married, traveled both in the US and internationally, bought a house, started a furry family, made many new friends and got new family members, accomplished some really big goals in my career, and have generally expanded my horizons and learned a lot about myself and place in the world. Nope, my 20’s were not half bad.

However, with all of this recollecting on the past decade, I’m not ready to throw in the towel and officially declare myself an old lady just because of the date on the calendar. I’m fairly certain that I’ve got a challenge on my hands. Why not strive to make the next 10 years even more memorable than the last? Who said we have to stop growing, stop learning, stop experiencing, and stop having fun when we’ve reached a specified age?

Aside from my ever-slowing metabolism (which, let’s be real here, has never been great), the hints of some fine lines creeping up on my face, and the tendency to be hurting a little more after either a long run or a night with a bottle of wine, I don’t feel like I’m going to be slowing down at all any time soon. I’m just as excited — if not more — to see the world, set and reach more goals, try new experiences and learn more about life. Armed with a bottle of aspirin and the knowledge that those lines appearing around my eyes and mouth are only from years and years of laughter and smiles, I’m ready take on whatever 30 (and beyond) has got to throw at me.

With that, I leave you with a few photos from the birthday party Anthony threw for me in the backyard. He ran with the perfect theme — flowers, kittens, twinkly lights and bright summery colors. I had the most wonderful day with some of our closest friends, celebrating that fact that there was no where else I’d rather be at this point in my life. Wish the photos could do it better justice, but we had a gorgeous day!

photo 4 10384514_10102008266714408_2067238898897112417_n photo 1photo 5 1901566_10101933346924268_3304114343134677109_n photo 2 photo 3photo 4 photo 3 photo 5

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