A bit of a backlog

In the past few months, I have been blessed with so many fun events. In light of these events, it has been virtually impossible to chronicle them all. Because, as I’ve said before, I hoped to keep up with this blog if for no other reason than to have my own record, I’m going to attempt to smoosh together a couple recent-ish highlights, as we near the end of the year!

First, Ruby. I feel guilty for never giving her the unveiling that my previous (less-loved) bike received, but boy is she my new favorite. While Greenie will always hold a place in my heart, this new girl is quite possibly the [bike] love of my  life. All of the modern conveniences of a brand-new ride, but with a sweet vintage styling and of course my own addition of my faithful bell and basket, and this is a match made in heaven. A full 20 (!) pounds lighter than Penelope, with 7 gears that work consistently, she rides like a dream. I’ve always loved riding around town, obviously, but with my new Ruby, I genuinely look forward to it every day. With a cold snap and unusual dumping of snow the past couple weeks, she’s been locked in the garage for too long. Today, with 60 degree temps and nearly all of the snow melted away, I got her out again and couldn’t be more thrilled. I foresee many happy rides with this friend.

RubyOne of my October highlights included a trip to the Bay Area to visit one of my best friends as she got settled into her new home out there. It was such a treat to visit my favorite city, reconnect with Ally, and introduce her to some of my other favorite people. It was pretty amazing to feel everything coming full-circle — from chatting with her while I was out there for my internship (as she did the same in NYC), talking up this city and all its charm, to walking with her along those same streets, as she began to make it her own. The icing on the cake was visiting with some great friends I had made while living there, celebrating their upcoming nuptials with a wild Madonna-themed party bus trip around the city, and introducing them all to each other. Full circle, indeed.

photo 2 photo 1November brought us to another locale: Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. Anthony’s brother and his fiancé planned a beautiful destination wedding, and we had the joy of sharing several days in paradise with both of their families. While Anthony tended to best man duties early on, I enjoyed soaking up the rays, and then a gorgeous ceremony on the beach. After the wedding day, we were able to relax by the beach, take a kayak out to Cabo’s famed arch, ride some insanely fast jet skis (Anthony has a lead foot on the sea, it turns out — I could not stop squealing and giggling at the rush of flying over the water!), and enjoy some great food and drinks. It was definitely a trip to remember!

photo 4December, as usual, has brought the flurry of activity that makes the end of the year fly by. We’ve enjoyed a few holiday parties, I completed a random 5k, we continued our Christmas Tree Hunting tradition in the mountains, decorated the “new” house for the holidays, and I even had the chance to squeeze in an early-season snowboarding trip. Most recently, we just returned from our second trip to a favorite cabin in the mountains with some of our closest friends. There was sledding (a lot of sledding), Christmas movies and singalongs, delicious food, and lots of laughs, per usual. In addition, we had a few random gift exchanges, such as matching pullovers from Glenn and matching koozie mittens, handmade by yours truly!

photo 5Next up, looking forward to heading back east for some Christmas festivities with the family!

mantle tree ornament olive

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