What a difference some rain makes

In answer to many concerned inquiries from both near and far: Our home fared just fine through the record-breaking rain we’ve received on the front range in the last couple weeks.

Returning home after a trip to the Midwest during the tail-end of the monsoon, we nervously expected leaks in our basement and crawlspace, damaged carpets in our guest house, or at the very least, muddy puddles in the backyard. However, we were pleasantly surprised to find none of the above. The rocky areas that Anthony spent so much time grading to be more level with the sidewalks seemed to have soaked up the rainfall precisely as intended, and both houses appeared to be dry and damage-free. In fact, our yard fared so well that our formerly patchy lawn area is now covered in green grass, and my waning garden has virtually exploded in new growth. Prior to the rainfall, our dry, hot weather had all but fried many of my plants, but after the several days of rain, the plants greened up and I started to see veggies on plants that I had previously given up for lost. I may get more harvest than I expected, after all.

Of course, our beloved town of Boulder, where we lived for our first few years in Colorado, did not make it out so well, and many communities surrounding the city of Denver are dealing with some catastrophic situations that I can’t even imagine. We are counting our blessings inside our safe, dry house, and are thankful for the bounty and new life that were brought our way.

photo 1

Pretty green for late September


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