I’m still here! …. sort of

I’ve taken a little hiatus from blogging of late, mostly to spare you from the chaotic mess that is my internal dialogue right now!

The holidays are always what many call “stressful.” However, while the premature Christmas commercials and store aisles full of poinsettias are an annual source of frustration for most people, I never think the season is long enough. I am blessed with so much to do this time of year — between holiday gatherings with friends and loved ones, to decorating the house from top to bottom, to the preparations of traveling back East for extended vacation time, to feeling the unavoidable baking bug bite until I’m spending all weekend in front of the oven, to creating dozens of gifts by hand. While the neverending to-do list can certainly bring my anxiety into full gear, I wouldn’t really classify it as “stress,” per say, because there is nothing negative in sight. The events and gift-making and decorating and family time are something to be treasured. While they may collectively take over my life for a little over a month, I wouldn’t have it any other way.

That said, I’ve managed to add some complications lately that are only compounding the go-go-go mishmash of tasks and excitement!

First, my business has suddenly been booming of late. I forget every year that the disappointing lull in sales that happens every August – October is only the calm before the winter storm. I’m not sure why, but everyone seems to be getting engaged around the holidays. Even my clients, who are decidedly “offbeat” and buck normal traditions, are filling up my email box with custom invitation design requests from December – February. Again, it’s a good busy, but it’s busy!

The biggest thing in the York household, however, is trumping anything Christmas or small business-running could throw at me. I don’t want to go into details yet because I’m still afraid that I’ll jinx it, but I’ve told enough people now to at least hint at it:


So, yet again, an excitement that I wouldn’t exactly classify as stress, but a new-to-us process that involves lots of to-do lists, getting educated, taking risks, dreaming and waiting! The timing is obviously not ideal, since I’d normally prefer to focus my energies this time of year toward Christmas and my clients, but when is timing ever perfect? So, for now, we’re keeping ourselves plenty busy and spinning around for this last week we’ll have in Denver before heading back to spend some time with family, [hopefully] relaxing and basking in the Christmas traditions we love.

If you don’t hear from me again on here before the new year (likely…), best wishes to you and yours, and I’ll be back in January!

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