Wine country, Colorado

When you think of the Rocky Mountains, you may not think of wine. At least, I didn’t. However, on one of our past trips home from Moab, I finally stayed awake long enough to notice the gorgeous hills filled with vines of fruit and idyllic chateau-like homes on the Western Slope. When, soon after this awakening, a friend of mine mentioned a yearly girls’ trip she planned every summer to Colorado wine country, I eagerly signed up. While the numbers dwindled down to three, and the date of the trip was pushed back as our summers — and falls — all filled up, three of us embarked on a rather laid-back tour this past weekend.

Thanks to our guide and non-imbibing driver, we traveled to about 6 different wineries around Grand Junction and Palisade, enjoying reds and whites, meads and ports.

As with most of my Colorado adventures, the views didn’t disappoint. Although, the Western Slope landscape, with its desert-like climate and rocky cliffs, is drastically different from the snowy peaks visible only a few miles to the east.

As the sun set over the book cliffs, we recounted the glorious tour and discussed our favorite wines, drifting into the haze of a day well spent. And, because this is still Colorado, we wrapped up the tastings at a local brewery, with a round of beer.

With over a dozen wineries in the area, and plenty more views and tastes to be had, I can’t wait to do it again.

2 thoughts on “Wine country, Colorado

  1. Thanks for commenting on my blog, Erin so I could discover yours and be jealous of your life in Colorado!

    I love the wineries are really taking off in states that are not California! Iowa has a great wine scene that is growing each year. Nic and I are planning a trip to CO in 2013 (hopefully!) and will have to be sure to check out some of the local wineries wherever we end up!

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