10 years, 11 Halloweens

I met Anthony in the fall of 2002, shortly after arriving at Ball State. I couldn’t deny a developing crush on the boy who walked barefoot around the first floor of my dorm in his old blue soccer shorts. I think we officially “met” at the cafeteria, as we both joined a mutual friend for lunch, and I remember remarking to my friend later, “I don’t know if it’s something I said, but that guy is really quiet!” Gradually, however, that cute, quiet boy with the sweet smile warmed up to me, and we began spending a lot of time together. We got to know each other over greasy fries in the dorm cafeterias, walking each other to class, attending parties with our group of brand-new school friends, and hitting the gym together.

While not the most romantic “how we met and fell in love” story ever told, it was a sweet and innocent courtship during one of the most memorable periods in both of our lives. Our “first date” was not a parkside picnic, or a candlelit dinner, or a cozy café, but a Halloween party at a stranger’s house, joined by at least a dozen of our friends. We danced together all night to the band playing Tom Petty covers, as a black cat and a doctor-turned-veterinarian, as if there wasn’t another soul in the room.

Ever since that first Halloween, when it was clear that we had both fallen for each other, we’ve celebrated October 31st as our official anniversary. It’s the perfect excuse to spend a fun night out together, and with friends, and mark another year.

I cannot believe there have been 10 of them.

So, to mark this year’s anniversary, I thought I’d take a trip down memory lane and show you all 10 Halloweens (and this year’s 11th), and the kooky costumes we’ve donned. Most years, we had more than one celebration, and sometimes, more than one costume. Every one of them is filled with special memories with my special someone!

2002 – Doctor (or vet) and black cat

2003 – Pirate and Lucille Ball

2004 – Moulin Rouge girl and cowboy

2005 – German beer girl and … girl • German beer girl and devil

2006 – Gangster and boxer (Gizmo was dressed as a baby)

2007 - Devil and angel • Han Solo and Princess Leia

2007 – Devil and angel • Han Solo and Princess Leia

2008 – Gypsy and superhero

2009 – Newsies • Werewolves

2010 – Steampunks

2011 – Muppets (Fozzy Bear and Dr. Teeth)

2012 – Korben and Leeloo Dallas (from the Fifth Element)

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