Ode to Fall

I’m a sucker for winter — the bright white reflections against a clear blue sky after a big snowfall, the instant warming feeling of coming into a cozy, heated house on a blistery day, snuggling up beneath a warm blanket in front of a roaring fire, enjoying a hearty beer and cup of chili after a day of riding down the slopes on my board…

Summer is great, too. I love the hot days of laying on a beach or a blanket in the park, soaking up sunshine and feeling the tingle of a tanline forming; the long bike rides either through the mountains or city streets, and the ceaseless barrage of camping trips, rafting rides and steamy Sundays on rooftop patios.

There is no denying the wonder that is the spring — flowers blooming after a season of frost, trees becoming green with new life, and shedding the heavy coats and switching out the boots for flip flops and sandals. The first outdoor parties begin, and the promise of a fresh start becomes a mood-lifter for all.

However, of all the seasons, nothing holds a candle to my love of fall.

I have always been enamored by the swift change of seasons that occurs every September/October. It seems like, overnight, an oppressive heat wave ends and we feel the first chill in the air. By comparison, Fall seems to be the shortest of the seasons, which makes it all the more bittersweet. It forces you to get outside and enjoy the last bit of comfortable temperatures before winter sets in, to rush out and view the turning leaves, and to begin unpacking your sweaters, coats and boots.

Colorado weather runs the full gamut of all four seasons within its short fall — waking up to snow one day, and clear blue skies, green grass and heat the next, and I love the daily change and new beginning each day. I have been so antsy for fall this year that I have been seen in knee-high boots, scarves, sweater dresses and tights, sweating on a 75-degree day, but smiling at the idea that this apparel might be appropriate soon. I decked out my home with kitschy Halloween and leafy decor the week after Labor Day — which I maintain is not jumping the gun — and have been burning spice-scented candles on a daily basis. Our dinners of late have consisted of a wide variety of soups, chili and crockpot meals, and I cannot seem to shake the urge to bake everything from zucchini breads to muffins to pumpkin desserts (and I don’t really even count myself as someone who likes pumpkin!).

I like to think that Gizmo loves fall as much as I do.

We were able to get out early this fall and view the changing aspens at their peak, which always happens a little quicker in the mountains than the rest of the world. The gold and orange tones on the mountainsides are other-wordly, and annually cause me to stop in my tracks and take endless amounts of pictures, none of which capture their true intensity.

Driving through an aspen grove on our way up a mountain

Backpacking trip to Hunt/Boss Lakes

Boss Lake

More from our fall backpacking trip

I look forward to the rest of October and the exciting line-up of fun activities we have planned as we enjoy the rest of my favorite season, and all too quickly make our way into winter.


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