Another set of eyes

Last week, we had a good friend visiting Colorado for a work-related trip, with a side of fun and college-reminiscing over the weekend.

Every time we have faraway visitors, we feel the pressure to show them everything we love about Colorado in the short time they are here. Of course, this is not always possible, especially because it seems that Midwesterners are always cursed with the gift of bringing on the the ever-elusive rainy days while they’re here. Also, there is so much to see and do in Colorado that even after nearly 4 years of living here, we still have a pretty substantial “bucket list” of things we’d like to experience. Needless to say, a weekend visitor has a seriously limited view of life in our great state.

However, this time, I think we managed to put together a pretty good tour of the Front Range, with very little downtime, and plenty of sunshine! Beginning with a night out on the town in Denver, followed by a fall day tour of Breckenridge and a hike through the mountains, wrapping it all up with a full day in the “People’s Republic of Boulder,” we ended up squeezing in a lot of local culture, beautiful views, and activities.

In addition to the joy of spending time with someone I haven’t seen in far too long, one of my favorite parts of having out-of-town visitors is the ability to take in the sights and experience things for the “first time” again. For instance, although I am forever in awe of the changing aspens, it becomes even more impressive when we round a corner on the highway and our guest draws our attention to a whole mountainside filled with these fiery trees of gold. Heading over mountain passes, pointing out various ski towns and landmarks, it’s fun to recount stories and memories that make these magical places, somehow, ours. Being back in Boulder, where we lived for three years, we get the opportunity to balance “playing tourist” and visiting popular attractions with our visitor, along with revealing some local secrets like hole-in-the-wall establishments and scenic back-ways of getting around town.

While I feel I generally maintain a pretty healthy appreciation of all of the beautiful sights and endless opportunities our home provides us, it never hurts to have a reminder of how lucky we’ve got it.


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