Stay-cation Snapshots

It’s rare for us to be in town for a whole weekend, let alone a long weekend.

But this Labor Day, we made a deliberate decision to avoid the traffic, avoid the mountain crowds, and avoid the stress of planning a trip. We stayed home, and it was just what the doctor ordered.

We accomplished some longstanding to-do’s, and also found there were plenty of adventures to be had, right in our own town.

Olive got several runs in with her Mom

Spotting some of the first signs of fall — there is hope that these non-stop 90+ degree dry days may eventually end!

Post-run breakfast smoothie and Pinteresting

Doing a little home carpentry with my lady-friendly tool kit

A “Cake and Shake” at the neighborhood dessert bar

Homemade margaritas and wedding planning with some great friends

Gearing up for a city bike ride

More carpentry! Havin’ a little too much fun with the nail gun while helping build a friend’s fence in exchange for some delicious bbq and camaraderie.

Ok, this one is kind of a cheat because it happened on Tuesday, but there’s something to be said for rounding out a great weekend at home with a sweet “Appalachian Soul” concert at a local dive bar with friends.

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