Good things come to those who wait…

… and work at it, I guess.
I finally got my first edible veggie out of my garden! While we were out camping last weekend, I received this text from my upstairs neighbor (who seems almost as intrigued by my gardening attempts as I am). She wrote, “Look what I found!”

Of course, due to my twice-daily scrutiny of my little babies, I was well aware that I was *this close* to having a veggie with maturity on my hands, and finally decided that it was big enough to pick this week. I enjoyed this one, homegrown veggie as a salad last night with feta cheese, a drizzle of balsamic, and some sea salt, topped with a few snips of basil from my still-flourishing herb garden. Delicious!

While this may well be the biggest success of my garden this year, and a small reward for all of my hard work, I still have a sliver of hope for the okra and peppers that have been appearing slowly but surely on their stalks. My tiny tomatoes are staying just that — tiny — so I’m thinking those might be a lost cause at this point. I have certainly learned a lot this year, however, and will just go on record now saying that you may not have seen the last of my gardening days. I will not be defeated!!

In seemingly unrelated news, Anthony just finished his first week at his new job. While I spent this summer obsessing over my veggie plants, coddling them and working the soil to try and find some sign of life, my husband was cultivating his own project and working tirelessly toward a much different goal. His hard work and long wait paid off, too, though, and he now finds himself at long last in a place that will finally challenge him and move him in the right direction with his career. I couldn’t be more happy to see him finally enjoying the payoff to his own hard work and continuing down the path that he has chosen.

Life is good.

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