March Photo Fail

What seemed like a fun challenge in February turned into a complete failure in March. I guess I just wasn’t inspired by the themes this month (“fork”? really?), so I pretty much fizzled out halfway through. In any case, I figured the ones that I did get through were worth sharing! So, as we round out the warmest, sunniest March I think I’ve ever experienced, here is my [half]month in photos:

Sidenote: You may have heard of the fires near Denver, and if not, see here. It’s a scary reality here to see the large plumes of smoke hovering over the Front Range after an extra dry season, and this year they are starting early. While we are fortunate enough not to be in any danger, the fire is close enough to cause a general sense of unease. The haze covers the sunshine of an otherwise clear day, and my hair reeked of smoke after my ride in this morning. Heartbreakingly, dozens of people are losing their homes right now, and some even their lives. But, to ease the inevitable worries of faraway friends and family, we are fine.

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