Hair colors: The good, the bad and the ugly

Ok, forgive me for a pretty vanity-heavy post, but life can’t always be all about mountain adventures and ill-fitting running clothes, right? I colored my hair this week, and instead of taking the “wild” route and doing a cardinal red undercolor with dark brown on top (seriously, I was *this* close!), I went for something more maintainable — just a nice reddish-brown hue with some gold highlights up front. (it’s a little darker and less orange in real life, I swear)

While I did entertain the “shock-value” aforementioned choice (and it is still a potential contender for future change-ups), bright red and brown would be quite a risk. Yes, hair grows out and yes, I could change it up (which I have always done, frequently), but I have made some seriously unwise choices in the interest of variety before, and I’m trying to learn from my mistakes as I see old, cringe-worthy photos re-surface from time to time. Just for fun, I thought I’d bring them out myself, but I’ll let you try and guess (and perhaps keep to yourself, haha), which ones have landed on my “never again” list. We’ll start with college, so as to avoid the various Sun-In-attempts-gone-horribly-wrong of middle and high school. Also, this kaleidoscope is by no means all-inclusive, but gives a pretty good summary of my hair color indecisiveness.



One thought on “Hair colors: The good, the bad and the ugly

  1. I think my favorite are the most natural or a little darker, although… you know I can’t resist the red heads! XOXO I ALWAYS think you are beautiful!

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