My February in Pictures

Happy Leap Day everyone! I was thinking that today would be a great day to call a holiday at work. I mean, if we’re going to have an extra day in the year, I think it’s only fair to make it a free day.

But I digress.

Besides having one extra day in it, this February really felt like a long one. I mostly chalk it up to our crappy weather — as the rest of the country seems to be enjoying an unseasonably warm winter, the front range has “enjoyed” snowstorm after snowstorm. Just when it feels like we’re catching a break (like today — it’s 51 degrees and sunny), we get hit with more chilly temps and precipitation (forecast for tomorrow). I always spend February daydreaming about summer, but I think this year has been the worst. Ok, maybe not the worst — I did spend some painful winters in Chicago, after all, but I’m a live-in-the-now kind of lady and I like to forget the woes of the past. 😉

Sometimes, though, it’s fun to look back. I saw a “challenge” on another blog back in January, which gives you the inspiration to take a photo a day for an entire month, based on a word or phrase that coincides with the day. You are encouraged to use an app on the phone called Instagram, which makes pictures look all old-timey through different filters you can choose.

I thought it would be fun to document my daily life and give you a peek into some of the unseen facets of my days. However, I have learned throughout this month that these things are often “unseen” for a reason, and I’m afraid that my February in Pictures is not nearly as exciting as I thought it might be. I even “cheated” sometimes and took pictures on the wrong days, just because the day before would have been an even crappier shot (based on the theme), and also skipped a few of the weirder ones (I was not about to take a picture of a stranger OR the inside of our bathroom cabinet, for different reasons…) and I still think this is pretty ho-hum.

It’s not that I didn’t do any cool things, but I just wasn’t able to work many of the themes into the more exciting parts of my day. For instance, the first one — “Your view today” — happened on a Monday, when I’m locked in at work. But on a weekend? My view is guaranteed to be fantastic — either from a ski lift or on a snowshoe trek through a winter wonderland or at a pretty park with the skyline in the background. Also, they never asked for things that would have fit perfectly, like, “take a picture of you having fun with your friends” or “you careening down a mogul run” or “your cat snuggling with you” (but, I did manage to work that one in…). So, while this little gallery doesn’t exactly showcase all of the fun I had in February, despite the long and dreary month, I wanted to share it anyway. I’ll have to decide whether I’ll do it again in March. I have to admit, it was a kind of fun challenge, and a good exercise in creativity, so we’ll see…

Without further ado, my February:

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