Happy Valentine’s Day!

I will admit it: I love the pink and red hearts and paper doilies and vintage cupids and sugary sweets and all of the other nonsense that comes with this “Hallmark Holiday.” However, I would much rather peruse it in the stores and enjoy the cheesy celebrations at work than spend any money on it or re-decorate my house (aside from a heart-shaped candle here and there and a few themed dish towels I managed to dig out) so soon after I just got all of the Christmas decorations put away.

Since Anthony has always been very thoughtful about leaving notes and flowers and chocolates for me on other random days, I’ve never put much thought into our Valentine’s Days together as a couple. I guess I’ve always seen this “holiday” as more of a sugar-filled girly indulgence day than something that truly symbolizes our love. But, since everyone always seems to have to make plans on February 14th, we established a tradition back from our first Valentine’s Day to simply spend the night indoors, cuddling and watching movies while we enjoy take-out food.

Today would have marked the 10th year of this tradition, but Anthony received an opportunity to take his “little brother” (through Big Brothers Big Sisters) to a Nuggets game this evening, and we both thought it was a great idea to postpone our movie/take-out date until tomorrow. After all, with the several years we spent living in different states, as well as the random years when school and work came between our February 14th plans, it wouldn’t be the first time we had to celebrate flexibly.

Instead, I will be sharing an after-work drink with some co-workers and then heading home to get some work done. ‘Tis the season for engagements, and I have been very happily busy with my side business!

With that, I hope you have a wonderful Valentine’s Day, whether it means wearing all black and celebrating with single friends, having an elaborate love-fest with your significant other or simply enjoying it as just another Tuesday. If nothing else, hopefully it is sweet.

I baked!

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