Snow Day!

The Front Range is currently being hit with yet another big dumping of snow, with the majority of it coming over the course of last night… But then, you may already know that. At least, judging by the concerned texts I received from my mom and dad [across the country] before I had even gotten out of bed this morning, the 12″-and-counting storm has gotten some national attention.

The snow is nothing new, for this winter especially, and we all knew it was coming. In fact, both of my bosses knew they’d be staying home today as their kids’ districts cancelled school before the sun even stopped shining yesterday. But for me, the employee that works possibly the closest to home and does not even have to get behind the wheel of a car, I just expect to head in to work. So, this morning, Anthony and I got up together as usual, bundled up, and trudged through the snow to the train station together. I saw Anthony off on his train and kissed him goodbye, promptly receiving a text that the train was completely empty. My mind worked fast, and I envisioned the same scenario in downtown Denver, as well as my office. Was I going to be the only one there? Me, the only employee who can easily use my work-issued laptop from home to complete my list of projects? I quickly shot out a text to my boss, saying “What do you think of me working from home?” just as I saw my train approaching. I watched the train stop, open and close its doors, and speed away, essentially sealing my fate with the decision not to board. My boss thankfully validated my decision when I received her text, “I think that’s a great idea!”

So, back I trudged through the unplowed side streets, greeted at home by a very pleased snow-dog who happily joined me as I shoveled our walk.

I’m happy to be home today, staying warm with a sleeping Olive at my feet and a purring cat snuggled into the blanket on my lap. While I love my co-workers, I wouldn’t hate to have these two as work companions every day. Maybe someday I can make that a reality… In the meantime, back to work I go!

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