Happy February!

Guess who is eating Girl Scout Cookies for breakfast?

This girl.

That’s right: I miraculously survived a full month (the longest month of the year, I might add), without sugar. 31 days avoiding all processed and refined sugar and corn syrup, and I would be lying to you if I said it wasn’t absolutely excrutiating.

Don’t get me wrong — I felt great. It was definitely a successful experiment in proving to me that I could benefit from some healthy changes. After the first week, which had me feeling tired, irritable and bitter, I definitely discovered that my detox gave me a lot more energy, and I generally just felt healthier all-around. There was no huge weight loss, other than a few pounds, but I think this had more to do with my gym routine (training for a winter 10k — what??) than any diet changes.

However, above all of the “good” things, the thing I noticed most was how much I missed my sweet friends. I found myself obsessing over desserts — there were several nights where I couldn’t get anything done because all I could think about were cupcakes and ice cream and cookies and chocolate and whipped cream and cake and … and… and…

So, yes, I clearly have a problem. But thankfully, I have found the solution to this problem: Never give up sugar again!!

I’m only sort of joking… Because it was made clear to me that I am a healthier person without sugar, which I think is a no-brainer for anyone but took me a month to discover, I am still going to practice moderation. My plan going forward for the foreseeable future, is to limit myself to just one sugary delight per day. This means that I’m still not going to spend each day binging on every sweet I can get my hands on, but also means that I don’t always have to say no. Cupcakes at work for a colleagues birthday? Yes please! A piece of dark chocolate after dinner? I’ll take it! Ice cream stop during a weekend bike ride? Oh, yes. Just, not all of these indulgences in one day.

With that, I am off to nibble away at today’s treat. Mmmm, Thin Mints…

One thought on “Happy February!

  1. THIS IS SO FUNNY! We must be subconsciously communicating!!! I’ve been doing the “one a day” thing for about a month now, too…It’s working like a charm! (I was getting desperate after having Breck to fit in more of my clothes!)

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