One of the best

Just wanted to throw out a quick post to let everyone know that we made it back to Denver, safe and sound, and we’re once again back into the daily grind of working and anxiously anticipating the lengthening of the days (that’s happening, right?) and for the snow and ice to melt away (yes, it’s still here). I’m glad that this and next week are “short” work weeks and we can ease back into it.

In the meantime, we are reveling in the memories of a fantastic holiday season. Anthony and I were talking this morning about how blessed we were to see so many of our loved ones over the course of the past month. Starting with the California trip for Thanksgiving and an early Christmas with my brother and his family, then the many holiday parties thrown by our Colorado friends and family, a visit up to Fort Collins for some time with Anthony’s cousins and their adorable children, and then of course heading to Indiana for the full-on Christmas Tour, which I’ll try to recount in a nutshell. We were blessed to spend the first day of our trip catching up with Julie, Kristen and Kristen’s boys (oh, SO much fun with those kiddos!), as well as with my parents over a delicious dinner. We then spent the next day with Anthony’s family, including his “brother” Teddy and his wife Jennifer, and we finally got to meet their going-on-two little girl, Sidney, who kept us all entertained throughout the day.¬† That night was spent at his grandmother’s house with his dad’s side of the family, followed by Christmas morning with my parents and Christmas afternoon at my grandparents’ along with the whole family (minus the California kids, who were coming down to Indiana from Minnesota for New Year’s). Finally, we wrapped everything up on Monday with one more celebration back at Anthony’s mom’s house with her sisters and their families before flying out on Tuesday morning.

Whew! Does that sound like a full Christmas or what? Let me tell you — it was. The past month has been so jam-packed with fun and family that my heart is brimming as I sit here reliving it all. Although the minute-by-minute planning of these trips “home” can be overwhelming, and I feel like we can often be pulled in a hundred different directions, we are so fortunate to have so many loving arms to receive us whenever we are able to make this journey.

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